Change And The Aging Athlete Pt2

Congratulations! You have realized you aren’t as young as you were but you have decided you aren’t ready to give up. So what’s next?
See a doctor and make sure your body can do this.Then, don’t try to do what you used to do 25 years ago, start small, embarrassingly small. One push up, or one push up on your knees. Go for a walk. Join a gym, and work small. The most important bit of advice I can give is to not be controlled by your ego. The ego will lead you down the path of trying to be 25 again and get you hurt, which leads to continued immobility. Take up golf, tai chi, yoga, and don’t be swayed by others who don’t recognize these as legitimate forms of exercise, worthy of their effort. I have had many athletes attempt tai chi, only to discover it was much harder than most things they ever attempted.
Be the best version of you possible. I have a friend who just joined Crossfit at 60 years old, and another who is doing his first obstacle course race at 69 years. There will be plenty of time to sit still when you’re dead.