Who uses Tai Chi? Pretty much everyone.

When you drive past a park and you see people moving in synchronized, slow motion exercises, yes, they are doing Tai Chi. But is that really what Tai Chi is? Central to Tai Chi is a concept, a principle, an undeniable truth, and that is change. According to traditional Chinese mythology, FuXi, the mythical first emperor of “China” received the trigrams from a dragon horse (or sometimes a tortoise). The trigrams contain the ideas of Yin and Yang which are so prevalent in Asian culture. This became the basis for the I Ching, one of the oldest written texts in human history and it is all about the natural cycles of change.
When you are walking and you feel yourself slipping and adjust your body so you don’t fall, you used the concept of tai chi. When you catch a ball, and your hand moves back with the force of the ball, you used tai chi. When you see car coming at you and you move out of the way you used tai chi. So unless you stand still and intentionally let things hit you, you are using tai chi. The question is: to what degree are you using it.