No one really loves nature.

When you think of nature, you conjure images of lush green fields, deer and bunnies frolicking by the edge of a clear stream. That’s only the pretty side of nature. The other side of nature contains the fire that burns the fields, the wolves that kill the deer and the drought that dries the stream. As humans, we alone have the ability to navigate nature with conscious will, deciding which elements to embrace and which to bend to our needs. Nature demands that we strive out of necessity, but as we reduce the effort of our needs, we reduce our incentive to strive. Nothing persuades the hunt so much as hunger. Your body doesn’t know it lives in the 21st century. As far as your body is concerned you live in a cave battling saber-toothed cats between exhaustive trips to the forest, foraging and hunting. The primitive part of the brain jealously guards its resources and takes the opportunity to rest whenever possible conserving those resources until the need to exert ourselves arises. Unfortunately in today’s world that leads us to sitting too long on the couch and foraging means walking to the fridge and hunting is a trip to the store.
Just as we must recognize the duality of nature, we must recognize that same dual nature within ourselves, and maintain that balance. Just as the fire is seen as a negative, it destroys and renews the forest, hunger is seen as a negative but forces us to our feet, inspires us to strive and creates the effort which restores the body and the mind.
Accept all of nature.