Martial Arts:
A martial arts style is like a car that takes you to your destination. Each individual must decide what make, model, color and features they want in their car, but ultimately, the car is supposed to take you somewhere, and once there, the car is no longer needed. The martial arts style gives you certain options, but ultimately it should lead the student to a deeper understanding of natural laws and principles. Here we use the style that best suit’s the individual, their personality, strengths and weaknesses, to help them achieve an understanding so that ultimately the style becomes irrelevant.

Shaolin systems are a combination of learning body structure and the appropriate use of muscular force.
Wing Chun is a highly adaptive method of deflecting, offsetting, and striking that combines detailed knowledge of structure and force with the intention of overwhelming an opponent.
Tai Chi is the most complex study of the human body and the natural laws that affect us.

These systems incorporate a full range of combat principles from kicking, striking, entangling, and grappling. Regardless of which style a student uses as their foundation, the same concepts and principles are applied to help the student to achieve maximum efficiency.

• Qigong
• Yang Style Tai Chi
• Wing Chun
• Shaolin Five Animal
• Tiger
• Leopard
• Crane
• Snake
• Dragon
• Traditional Weapons and Improvised Weapons

Health and Fitness:
In addition to self defense, training also has immense impact on overall physical and mental health. There are methods of conditioning that can be applied to anyone of any level of fitness.  There are very physical forms that can challenge even the most fit, and more subtle approaches that can benefit the average or even the disadvantaged person that will improve strength, balance, coordination and cardio vascular health. Along with the physical conditioning there are meditative exercises that can reduce stress, lower blood pressure, reduce anxiety and improve general mental health.

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